Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Hair Flowers

As I have mentioned before, I make hair flowers to go with outfits. I make them just because I can, and I find it therapeutic and relaxing, I'd imagine in much the same way fishing fly-tiers find the steady wrapping motion relaxing; it's very much the same except, you know, flowers 'n'at.

Anyway, I am taking custom orders right now, so please contact me (through this blog, through my Etsy store - link over there on the right sidebar, through Facebook, etc) and let me know what colors/flowers/style you want and I will do my best to accommodate. Right now, I have on hand:

- Ombre pink to white peonies
- Cream colored mums
- Pale yellow to pink dahlias
- Pale green orchids
- Dark pink orchids
- Yellow and pink petunias
- Pink petunias
- Orange magnolias with sparkly centers
- Orange daisies
- Orange marigolds
- Yellow marigolds
- Dark yellow mums
- Red daisies
- Dark pink hibiscus
- Small yellow daisies
- Blue daisy
- White daisy

Anything else I can probably get; just let me know what colors and flowers you want, or show me photos of the outfit you's like to match! Custom orders start at $15; I can get deluxe micro-suede flowers for a bit more.

Friday, March 4, 2016

In Praise of the Cardigan

The cardigan. A staple of any wardrobe, in my opinion. I love my cardigans; they're essential to making multiple outfits out of just a few choice clothing pieces.

Cardigans are for more than keeping warm: they literally change the way an outfit or dress looks on any particular day, and, depending on the color and cut, makes an entirely new outfit.

Over dresses, over skirts with skirts... with pants, layered over tanks and tees... the possibilities are endless.

Wear the rainbow....

Left to right: Black, royal blue, ice blue, mint, olive, mustard, orange, red, magenta, pink, pale pink, and oatmeal.

I also have a couple of patterned cardigans: atomic kitty and atomic argyle from Voodoo Vixen... and a couple of shrugs, too: red, yellow, black, blue, and white. And then a couple of boleros, too: both satin, one in teal and one in black. And then some crapped jackets... I have a problem, maybe...