Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Retro, Pinup, Non-Slip Head Bands Are Available NOW!

I've always liked the look of head bands and scarves, especially in the retro, pinup style, but I always get so frustrated because they lose their shapes, wrinkle, bend, fall out, and slip out of place. So, I set about fixing all those problems and made these awesome headbands.

I installed wig clips at the center, so the bands can be clipped right into your hair so they won't fall out or move around. I designed them to close easily at the base of the head, and buyers can choose from hook & eye closure, snap closure, and velcro closure. I also made them with an internal lining of very stiff interfacing so that they won't bend, twist, or lose their shape.

These head bands will stay in all day and look great, no matter what kind of hair you have or how you style it!

Available in 6 prints, I can custom make these to length or just whip one out and let you set it up how you want it!

Each headband is just $15.00 and handmade by me. Get yours HERE!