Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Round-Up Post of Sewing Projects!

Thought that I would make a post detailing all the sewing projects I have done this summer...

This pink swing dress you know, if you've read my blog:

Here is a green atomic starburst/argyle swing dress I made with cream trim. This one turned out really well, especially for not having a pattern...

This skirt is a box pleat underskirt in cream and blue cotton with a sheer overskirt made of vintage organza. Love the tropical print!

Someone told me that harlequin print wouldn't work in a wiggle dress. I think she might have been mistaken.

Here is another swing dress I made without a pattern. This is made from some kind of cotton blend vintage fabric in a tiki island print. The bodice, lapels, and cuffs are aqua cotton.

Here is a peasant-style top I made from pink striped cotton. I don't like how this turned out so I plan to remake it soon.

Another skirt made from vintage fabric. I think this might be upholstery fabric, but I don't care. It's shot through with silver metallic threads that match perfectly with the mustard yellow and navy.

A yellow swing dress I made from vintage rayon, I think. I don't know. It's kind of stretchy and a little rubbery feeling. But it sure is pretty and drapes beautifully.

The first skirt I made: a striped swing skirt!

Aqua blue swing dress!

My latest sewing output: a swing skirt made of this cute and fun polka dot charmeuse satin.