Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thanksgiving Dessert? All Star Apple Pie!

So, after taking some time to figure out how to film most of my videos by myself and how to use my new tripod & recording equipment, I am pleased to debut the latest Mid-Century Kitchen with Molly Starlite episode: All Star Apple Pie!

Just in time for Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving feasts comes this DELICIOUS apple pie with handmade crust shaped into stars, topped with cinnamon and sugar and filled with two different kinds of apples!

This recipe comes from my 1950s Parenting Magazine cook book I inherited from my grandmother, using a time-tested simple crust recipe and a SUPER tasty filling. This pie didn't last a day out of the oven before the guys devoured it.

Watch me make it here:

And download the printable PDF recipe card here: MOLLY STARLITE'S ALL STAR APPLE PIE

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