Friday, October 6, 2017

Boozy Birthday Milkshake!

This past week was my Tommy Lee's birthday, so I thought I would spoil him with homemade ice cream... and then, as is typical with me... I took it FARTHER.

I turned my homemade vanilla ice cream into a boozed up adult milkshake!

SIDENOTE: My blender is not so good, and I DESPERATELY need a lighting rig for film these videos. It gets so dark in my house - or, it appears that way on camera - and I found a lighting rig on Amazon for just $55... but I am always broke. :( I put up some sweet new rewards on my Patreon account that are exclusive gifts to my patrons... help me get a lighting rig to brighten up my videos! I will love you all forever!

Watch me make this boozed up milkshake here:

And you can print the PDF recipe card for my DELICIOUS boozy milkshake here: BOOZY BIRTHDAY MILKSHAKE

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