Thursday, October 19, 2017

Big, Ol' Stinky Update Post

SOOOOO much to catch you all up on!

I took a week off from the Mid-Century Kitchen in order to prepare for a show (that has since been cancelled ::sad face::) but I also was able to make THIS, the first music video for Troublemaker, for the song "Summertime!" Check it out!

Also, I made a bunch of parody songs for my Parody of the Week over on my Patreon, which you can access by pledging $5 or more per month! That's 4 songs per month for just $5, and I can use that money to get some things I DESPERATELY need:

1) A lighting rig for the Mid-Century Kitchen and other photography and video projects***
2) PA speaker tripods for  live shows (over the years bars and old band mates have stolen all but one of the four I used to have)
3) Matching shirts for my band
4) More recording time and/or a recording unit I can use at home
5) Props, costumes, maybe hiring an actual videographer for future music videos.
6) I want to start reviewing random Amazon kitchen finds on the Mid-Century Kitchen. Since i don't have sponsors... this is my best bet.

 ***This is really the most pressing thing I need.

Stay tuned tomorrow for this week's Mid-Century Kitchen episode where I am making Halloween treats!

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