Thursday, September 21, 2017

Been a Busy Month - Time For a Cocktail!

I have had a really busy September so far. Every single weekend, I have had events to attend (which are AWESOME!) or things to do to prepare for winter in the northern hemisphere, and just a lot of extra work and projects all coming together. And that means... IT'S COCKTAIL TIME, BABY!

I really love using frozen fruit in my blended drinks because it means that there is no water to dilute my drinks. (Hey, if you're gonna drink, may as well get it done, am I right?) This drink uses frozen pineapple and raspberries with three different types of liquor to create the perfect wind-down drink for after work or Tiki Tuesday! If you like your drinks a little thicker, put it in the freezer (using a plastic glass!!!) for 30 minutes or so. The alcohol content won't let it freeze all the way!

It's tropical, fruity, refreshing, and, most of all, relaxing and TASTY! Watch me make it here:

Get the printable PDF recipe card here: BLENDED FRUITY COCKTAIL

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